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Best Hotel Booking Sites in UK

(Updated February 2023)

The UK is a great travel destination. If you go there as a tourist you have lots of options of great places to visit. 

Think London, of course, but also Stonehenge, Liverpool (The Beatles!), Oxford, York, Bath, Brighton, Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Cotswolds (countryside).

Are you planning to visit the United Kingdom? Then you must be wondering which websites are best to use to pick a hotel.

In compiling this list of best UK hotel booking sites, we looked at a number of aspects. First, the size of the range of hotels on offer. Second, the price level of the same hotels on the various websites. Third, the search capabilities on the various websites. Fourth, to what extent they show hotels in the UK that are not on other sites. We also looked at the amount of valuable reviews per hotel and finally, of course, the ease of ordering from the site.

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