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Best Flight Booking Sites For Europe

(Updated March 2023) 

Want to take a plane trip to, or within, Europe soon?

Then you probably want to know the best sites to find your best airline, airport and flight options.

In the list below we have collected the best websites to quickly find cheap and good flights in Europe.

Good luck with finding your best flight!

Best General Flight Booking Sites For Europe

1. Skyscanner

2. Momondo

3. Kayak

4. Skiplagged

5. Azair (budget airlines)

Best Booking Websites of European budget airlines

To find a cheap flight you can of course also look directly at the main European low-cost carriers. 


The websites of the biggest and best European budget airlines are:


6. Ryanair

7. Transavia

8. Easyjet

9. Wizz Air

Enjoy booking your best European flight!

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