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How To Book A Flight, Hotel And A Car?


In these days of the internet, booking a flight hotel and car to the destination of your choice has never been more straightforward. However, you may wonder whether it is better to book a flight, hotel and car as a package, with two options or separately. Read on for more information about how to book a flight, hotel and car when planning your next trip.

Book flight hotel and car package inclusively

Booking a flight, hotel and car package as a bundle can save money, especially if you can book it either months in advance or very last minute. Visit a travel website, such as, which offers a range of options in terms of flights, flights and hotels and car hire. Enter your chosen dates of travel, your choice of hotel and car hire and press the search button. A range of options will appear; you simply need to browse them and make your selection before proceeding to the checkout.

It's easy to manage and change your booking if you have second thoughts. On websites such as and Skyscanner, there are often additional savings if you sign up to an app, so you may wish to consider this. If you think you might change your mind, choose an option offering free cancellation before making any payments. It is also advisable to pay for flight, hotel and car packages using a credit card which offers additional payment protection in the event the company dissolves.

Booking a flight and hotel

Booking a flight and hotel and the same time can be very cost-effective. Reputable ATOL-protected websites that offer this service include and 

You can do this easily by following these steps:

- Choose your destination and enter the details into the search engine

- Once you've chosen your location, enter the times and dates of travel

- Select the offer that best matches your needs or is the cheapest

- Enter the exact passport details of all the passengers to be include

- Make payment

- Take out travel insurance that covers the trip

- Sit back and look forward to your holiday

Book flight hotel, and car rental separately

Booking a flight separately is very straightforward. You can do this by visiting the airport website you wish to fly from and browsing upcoming flights or using the services of a travel website, such as British Airways. If you want to compare deals on flights, use moneysavingexpert's flight comparison service will let you compare the cheapest flights at a glance. Sometimes booking directly through the airline secures the best deal, but this is only sometimes the case, so shopping around is always advisable.

Booking a hotel separately is similarly easy. First, think about your budget and the time of year you wish to travel - the summer holidays are usually more expensive than term time in the winter. Next, consider your accommodation requirements and your location. Once you know the travel time and destination, use a website such as to make your booking.

Many international companies offer this service if you are on holiday or at home and wish to hire a car. The best known are Hertz, Europcar and Enterprise. You can usually book a car hire at an airport. Or book in advance online to take advantage of the best deals. Car hire companies offer a range of cars, from premium luxury vehicles to budget, family-friendly cars. When hiring a car, you will need a driving license, a passport if using abroad or some other form of identification, and a credit card to leave a deposit. Take lots of photos of the interior and exterior of the car when you collect it and before returning it to the company to avoid losing any of the deposit.

Whether you decide to book flight hotel and car rental as a bundle or separately, some fantastic deals are available online. Take plenty of time to research the best options for you before making your booking.

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