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(Updated November 2022)

As an avid traveler, I often find myself trying to put together the most enjoyable trip possible for my available budget.

For me it's a fun challenge to book the best hotels, flights and tours at the cheapest prices and as easily as possible.

At some point I decided to gather my preferred and best booking sites on this website.

Below you will find the best booking sites in one place.

In addition I included my best current booking tips and tricks.

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Best Hotel Booking Websites

First my best hotel booking sites will be discussed. 

Further on, I will discuss other relevant vacation booking categories and sites.

With this handy shortlist you'll have the best hotel booking guide for a great vacation at a suitable budget.

1. Tablet Hotels

Tablet Hotels specializes in affordable Boutique Hotels around the world.

2. HotelsCombined

The booking site with most and best functioning filters.


The one with most reviews and lowest prices.

4. PriceLine

This booking site has an award winning app.


Great deals and the best phone support.

Best Flight Booking Sites

What sites to use to book a cheap and / or perfectly scheduled flight?

For your best flights, I can recommend the following websites

1. Momondo

Momondo searches many websites at once. It displays the flight schedules of lots of airlines. Of course, you also see the cheapest airline tickets at the time.


Kiwi is specialized in finding cheap tickets on low-cost carriers.

3. Kayak

Kayak offers many convenient search options. You can quickly search by multiple dates. Kayak also looks at flights at surrounding airports.

4. Skyscanner

Skyscanner has been finding the cheapest tickets for years. It is probably the most well-known flight booking site worldwide.

Best Tours, Things to do, Activities, Ticket Booking Sites

Once at your destination, you often want to do something. It can be nice to arrange certain tours and things to do in advance.

These are the best sites to select and book your tickets.




Top Booking Tips and Tricks 

Apart from checking out the best booking sites. Quite a few tips and tricks can help you to get cheap deals. 

My best booking tips and tricks for you are:

  • Many tourist regions have their own hotel, house and appartment booking website. On these sites the offer may differ from more general search engines and sites. The same accomodation can also be offered cheaper since less commissions have to be remitted. Check out if your destination has such a local booking site. Most of the time these sites can't afford a huge budget on (online) marketing, so do no hesitate to click a bit further in your search results.

  • Popular destinations are often much more expensive than some lesser-known ones. Booking an "out of the box" destination can save you a lot of money. It can also keep you away from the big crowds.

  • Sunday flights are the cheapest! Several large-scale studies have shown that booking a flight on Sunday is a smart way to get a good price. 

  • Try to avoid the high season. If you don't necessarily have to go in high season, there are plenty of reasons not to: lower prices for booking travel and lodging, more choice, cheap tours and less crowds. 

  • Once you have a shortlist of hotels that you might want to book, always check if these hotels also have their own booking site. Check if you can book your room even cheaper directly or if more options are offered. The same goes for airline tickets. You can often book directly with any airline.

  • Try different lengths of stay and dates. It can make a big difference if you arrive and leave on slightly different days.

  • On average, it is cheapest to book an airline ticket 8 weeks in advance (based on a survey of 250 million airfares).

  • Click through the booking process as far as the point of payment to see the actual, final price with any surcharges or fees.

Enjoy booking your best and affordable trip easily, with this handy overview!

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